Learning when to step back

Hey guys! Have you missed me?

I know it really hasn’t been THAT long since my last post, but to me it feels like forever ago. I don’t want you to think I have been MIA, instead I have been taking some much needed ME time. And today I want to talk about how I got to that place, as well as knowing what to do.

Know your limits

It has been a STRUGGLE of mine to learn when to say no, or that I really can’t do everything. Being a mom, wife, business owner, and employee, is just the tip of the iceberg. I know I’m not the only one who goes through this daily internal battle, so that’s why I’m here.

The past few months I have been running on fumes, honestly barely making it through the day. I felt stretched thin, unproductive, and inefficient. By the time the day was over I could feel myself just dragging to bed. It wasn’t fair to my kids, it wasn’t fair to my husband, and it wasn’t fair to ME. So I knew I had to change things up.

Prioritize your responsibilities and delegate where possible

Once I got to the point where I knew something had to change, I stepped back to evaluate my responsibilities. Where do I need to focus the most? And what can I delegate?

Of course the most important hat that I wear is being a mom, so that’ll always come first. With that being said, it’s nearly impossible to be a good mom when you are constantly being pulled in different directions. So I did a few things to help:

  1. I reached out for help with childcare. My kids started going to the most AMAZING woman two days a week for four hours. And let me tell you, these eight hours a week are god sent for my productivity.
  2. Made dedicated meeting times. In the past I have always been one to be accommodating to everyone else’s schedule… except my own. I made meetings during times that were completely out of reach, and I was stressed to the max when there wasn’t anyone to help with my kids. Between trying to lead a call and praying my kids stay quiet, I could feel the metaphorical volcano building. So take my advise and be somewhat selfish with your time. Make those appointments when you have help, and when works best for you.
  3. Allotting time for your kids. This probably sounds silly, but I put activities and quality time with my boys on the calendar. Each day I set a few hours where I don’t have my phone for work, and it’s just us. Having my undivided attention is not only important to my boys, but it’s astronomical the difference it makes in how I feel as a parent.

Finding an out

Have you ever felt like something was missing and you couldn’t put your finger on it?

As a mom we often lose ourselves to our children. Which is TOTALLY normal. But recently I knew I needed to do something for myself, something that I have always loved.

For some people this could be daily devotionals or meditation. But for me it’s always been fitness. So I took the proverbial leap into crossfit.

And let me tell you, not only was my need for exercise filled, but I finally got to feed the inner competitive animal. I have always been in competitive sports, atleast until I became a mom. So I never realized how much I missed that part of me until now. I’m not only improving physically, but my mental health is making upward bounds.

I could probably sit here all day and talk about recent life changes, but I think I’ve left you with a great place to start. And remember, there is never going to be a “good” time to make changes. Now is the time, so make those positive adjustments today!

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