Birthday Traditions

When I first became a mom I knew right away that I wanted to make each year special on my kid’s birthday. But after doing some research I was kind of stuck on what to do, especially since I wanted to start on their first birthday. With a little Pinterest help I was able to narrow down how I wanted to make each kid feel special on their big day.

Raining Balloons

I start the morning off by pouring a pile of balloons on my boys. This can be difficult to keep a surprise if your kids are anything like mine and can sense a balloon from a mile away. I usually have to do try and wake up really early to blow up the balloons while they are still sleeping. Insert stealth mode!

Sprinkle pancakes

Who doesn’t want to start their day with funfetti pancakes?!? I found this delicious recipe for homemade pancakes, and they are a hit! I top the pancakes with whipped cream and even more sprinkles… because you can never have too many sprinkles!

Outing of their choice

When kids are young like mine are, they don’t typically have a favorite place. So I just take the lead and go on a fun outing like a children’s museum or the zoo. You can never go wrong with a toddler and a place for them to run wild, so use your imagination!

This year we are taking our three year old to six flags, and our one year old to the St. Louis Zoo. Both trips will be a first for each boy, so it is sure to be a hit!

Birthday Bear

I love Build-a-Bear year round, but birthdays are a great time to go with kids. BAB has a special for birthdays, that allows you to only pay the age your child is turning.

The staff always makes it a special experience for your child (even with COVID-19). Your child will be able to not only help stuff their new friend, but give them a heart, and lots of love!

As my boys get older, I plan to add in more to their day. Like dinner of choice, and birthday crafts. But for now, these few traditions seem to make for a super fun birthday!

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