How I build my daily schedule using Trello

The most common questions that I get asked are always revolved around what my daily schedule looks like. So, today I am going to share with you how my typical day looks, and how I set that up. And let me start by saying this is a very loose schedule. Every toddler mom knows that things don’t always go as planned, so we constantly have to be on our toes.

Using Trello to organize your schedule

First things first, I always start by planning in Trello. If you are a frequent reader, then you know my love for this time management app. And I will do a quarterly time audit to determine a general schedule. In this audit, I will include a card for seasonal outings, activities, crafts, cleaning projects, and work items.

Once I have determined how those cards will look, I will then start lining out my day. I have found that pulling items from each category to create a block is the most beneficial for me. While the traditional pomodoro block is around 20 minutes, I may go over or under depending on the task(s) at hand.

What my schedule looks like

This quarter, here is what my routine looks like:

5:30- Work block 1-5 (split into 20 minute blocks with a 5 minute rest between each)
7:30- Kids up and ready
8:00- Breakfast (pull from breakfast card)
8:30- Free play for boys (pull from free play card). Morning cleaning block (pull from cleaning card)
9:00- Prep for daily outing
10:00- Daily outing (pull from outing card)
12:00- Lunch (pull from lunch card)
1:00- Nap time. Work block 6-10 (split into 20 minute blocks with a 5 minute rest between each)
3:00- Workout (pull from exercise card)
3:45- Afternoon cleaning
4:00- Boys up and snack time
4:30- Gross motor activities (pull from gross motor card)
5:30- Dinner prep/ Sensory activity (pull from sensory card)
6:00- Dinner
6:30- Clean up dinner
7:00- Bath time and night time book
7:30- Family time
8:30- Kids to bed
9:00- Prep for next day
9:30- Bed

*** We usually have an outing in the evening also, so this routine varies depending on what we have going that night. My husband plays softball twice a week, wiffleball once, and then my oldest has ninja class once a week.

I have always been the type of mom to base my routine and schedule off of other moms. But we have to remember that all kids are different. What works for my boys may not work for another family. We are definitely an on the go family, while other families prefer to do activities at home. Regardless of your preference, this schedule can be a baseline for making on for your family. But be sure to use Trello to start your planning, it will change your life!

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