Easy Sensory Play for Travel

Vacation has been interesting to say the least. The kids are nearly 1, 2, and 3. And keeping them entertained for some needed work time (or so mommy can breathe) is crucial. Knowing how difficult my guys are to distract, I came with a plan for three sensory activities. Best part? They all fit into one bin, making them super portable!

Ocean Water Beads

Water beads are always a kid favorite in my house, and my nephew seemed to follow suit. But if I’m being honest, I probably enjoy them just as much as the kids do.

This particular set had my three year olds attention before it ever hit the water. Right now he is obsessed with pish (fish), so I knew it would keep his attention.

Dinosaur Sand

Three boys, kinetic sand, and dinosaurs… need I say more?

I grabbed a big bag of kinetic sand, some dinosaurs we had laying around the house, a few little shovels, and voila! My boys love this quick sensory activity, my three year old screams “dino sand” every time I mention it.

Cloud Dough

This one is a new one for me. I saw a few moms talk about how easy cloud dough is, and how much kids love it. So, I thought let’s give it a shot on this vacation!

All you need is corn startch, hair conditioner, and a tub… easy enough! Here is the guide I used to make it.

Quick tip- it feels super sticky at first. I just added a bit more corn starch than the recipe called for.

I have to say, I loved it just as much as my kids, and it smells AWESOME. Definitely not the same concept as playdough, but the boys were able to make dome neat balls, which kept them entertained. So it’s a win in my book!

These three quick activities definitely helped momma get a few minutes of work in on vacation. And the boys all had fun, which is a total mom win for me. Stay tuned for more fun activities next week!

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