4 Tips for Vacation & Work

Working from home always sounds like a dream come true… until you go on vacation. Don’t get me wrong, you could totally take off work and have a regular vacation. But if you’re anything like me, you think, ‘why not just take work with me.’ This usually sounds easier said than done, but with the right plan you can make anything work. So, let’s talk about a few tips to make your working vacation a little easier. 


My main objective before I go anywhere is to make sure that I have a plan. In a later blog I’ll share my obsession with weekly planning, and it is no different when I’m on vacation. 

One of my favorite tools to plan, well anything, is Trello. For this vacation I created a board, then a card for each day, and broke down what work tasks I needed to get done. I then coordinated our daily adventures with my work tasks. 

The key here is STAYING ON SCHEDULE. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be consistent with your home schedule. Toddlers in particular really appreciate sticking to their home routine, and it makes life so much easier on mom when you return home. So, plan your activities around nap time, work time, and you time… seems simple enough right? 

Wake up before everyone else

My rule of thumb, whether on vacation or not, is to give yourself a couple hours in the morning to get some work done alone. This usually means trying to stay on schedule (remember I told you that was important). My kids have been LOVELY on this vacation, and have woke up an hour earlier than usual for the most part. But momma still makes it work, because that’s what we do. 

Since you’re on vacation, try and limit your task lists, and prioritize what needs to be done. I usually try to get those high priority tasks done first thing, then lower hanging fruit during nap time and throughout the day. 

Find a quiet space

Working can be super difficult when you’re not at home. Our condo is not exactly set up to give momma some needed quiet space. So I really have to take advantage of nap time and early mornings. But in the off chance that you have to work while hubby keeps the kids out of your hair for ten minutes… put in some headphones, and crank up that audiobook (or podcast/ music, whatever your preference). 

Take time for yourself 

This one seems pretty obvious, duh you’re on vacation! But I know us moms, and we rarely take time for ourselves. So before sure to take an hour or two while you’re on vacation to just relax. That may mean laying poolside and accidentally falling asleep, but hey no judgment here momma. You do you! 

A working vacation may seem contradictory, but when you’re a momprenuer, sometimes you have to make it work. I hope these few tips help you on your upcoming vacation, and remember… RELAX MOMMA!

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